Monday, October 23, 2006

Home from Away...

Back at last from the Surrey conference (SiWC), always an absolute highlight to my year. I'm still dealing with the aftermath, and will post more over the next few days, but I do have to say I think this was my favourite conference yet. I've been attending since 1998, first as an aspiring writer and later as a published author. The conference has been a huge source of information and inspiration for me and so many other authors over the years. For the speakers, it is a great way that writers and editors can give something back to their community. For the agents who attend, it is a trolling ground for fresh voices and new talent. Nobody facilitates this magic mixture as well as the gang in Surrey. Hats off to the whole crew!

More specifics soon -- but first comes unpacking and LAUNDRY.



erdnase said...

Damn sorry I missed it this year. This travelling all over the freakin' world is starting to be a pain. Going to miss WorldCon in November too. *sigh*

Marsha Skrypuch said...

Sounds fantastic, karen!