Thursday, March 08, 2007

CWILL -ish Thoughts

Attended a most excellent meeting of CWILL BC tonight, where author and Tickle Trunk player Kari-Lynn Winters, whose first book is coming out in April, conducted a discussion on the subject of writing plays. She brought along the most esteemed Dennis Foon, well-known in his own right for not only establishing the Green Thumb theatre group in Vancouver, but authoring numerous plays, television prorams, films and a scad of marvellous books along the way. Also adding her wisdom was Irene Watts, late of Citadel Theatre in Edmonton and now of book and playwriting endeavours in Vancouver.

Left with a feeling that perhaps, indeed, the play's the thing.

Have completed the edits on the forthcoming MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK, continue to toil on DEADLINE (and who in this line of work doesn't, one might parenthetically add...), plan to tweak A WALK THROUGH THE WINDOW, have had a simply marvellous idea (inspired by my beautious daughter) for the first Ceilidh book and am germinating an inkling of a play for teens.

This is what I get for deserting the blog for a month. Back with a vengeance, it would seem.

Continue to read Palin's Diaries from the 1970's and also had a look through the prologue of my new book by Tristram Wunderkind called something akin to: The Bloodless Revolution: A History of Vegetarianism.

And now to sleep.


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