Monday, November 16, 2009

Madness Monday...

The Madness portion of my day has been fulfilled. In fact -- there is no room left in my brain that is in any way share-worthy.

So, instead -- I give you these two items:

Number 1: Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk makes a case for why schools are killing our children's creativity. His dry and humorous delivery is delightful -- and his point profound.

[With thanks to James McCann for the link]
And for the writers out there: 11 salient points made by author Tim Wynne Jones for those who want to write their best work. HERE.

No madness in either locale....would you agree?



A Novel Woman said...

I love the TED lectures and this guy has totally won my heart.

Don't you just adore people with that effortless dry humour and wit and intelligence? I want to sit nearby and sop it up like bread and gravy.


kc dyer said...

I think it takes a long time for it to appear effortless, though. You don't hear repartee like that out of your average 20 year old. He sure has it mastered, though, doesn't he? And his passion is so real. Worth a repeat listen, fer sure.