Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAP-py...oh, wait a minute...

I'm early. This has never happened. Somebody write it down. My house is pretty tidy -- at least the bits that show. My dogs are fed. I remembered mascara. The food is ready.

I have time to blog.


To tell you the truth, I'm not actually wearing a tiara. I don't own one, sadly -- though I've just remembered I did buy one for my last CWC class. Must hunt it down sometime.

[I'll never find anything again, since I tidied my house today...]

So I'm wearing my bat hat. Never go for the expected -- my motto.

Anyway -- just a final wish to you, my loyal readers. May the next year bring you joy, and may you, in turn, bring happiness to someone else. Be safe and stay cool.

Talk to you in 2010.



A Novel Woman said...

Well, here in La Belle Province, it's officially 7 minutes before midnight so Happy New Year!!!!

I'd be there with my birthday cake hat if only I could. Right now, the kids and friends are scattered all over the house, watching movies, hockey, snuggling, drinking beer, KISSING (hahaha, just caught Eldest and her beau kissing HAHAHAHA! they didn't see me sitting here....)

Now it's five minutes to go!!

Happy New Year!!!!

kc dyer said...

Happiest of all things in 2010, mon Quebecoise cherie!


Dale said...

Best of 2010 to you, Karen!

lorrie said...

Santa brought my darling daughter a copy of Darby's adventure, we are reading it together,--what fun. Happy writing in 2010!

kc dyer said...

And to you, Dale!


kc dyer said...

Hooray, Lorrie -- hope she enjoys! Thanks for the good wishes.