Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Volcanos and Pythons and Eagles oh MY!

Still no new site, but my open tabs are threatening to take over my computer, so here's a catch up on all that's interesting in kc's world at the moment.

And the new website? Soon my pretties, soon....

Let's begin with a few bookish things, shall we?

I loved this article on what success means to Canadian author Joseph Boyden. Note:[for those who may not be aware of the financial realities of Canuck authors] big money is not involved.

Nonetheless, if you are among the clinically insane enough to pursue this line of work, here's a word of advice for you. I tweeted this earlier this week, and it's been picked up by the clever and sparkly Kathy Chung [that's her on the left up there, with the equally gorgeous writer Pamela Patchet at a SiWC past...]on the SiWC blog...but here is a link to an old [but valuable] article by Jenny Cruisie that has resurfaced recently; some salient advice to writers about valuing your time.

My buddy, author James McCann is offering a kids & parent writing class -- SUCH a great idea! You can find more on his blog HERE.

Speaking of James, he and his partner in crime, Lee Edward Fodi have a new episode of their Authors Like Us podcast up. This is part two of a dinner interview with amazing authors Don Calame and Meg Tilly. I have to admit to crashing the party, so you'll hear me in the background, too. The food was great, the company stellar and the insanity ratcheted high.

In volcanic news, while the planes are now returning to European airspace, here's one Python who got out of town in the world's most expensive taxi ride.

And now, a few interesting things floating about the internet...

HERE , via boingboing, you will find Adam Savage's noble address to Harvard heathen, a brief but very enjoyable read.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this show before, but in celebration of the new third series episodes that are now up, I suggest you check out Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy, if you haven't already. Mostly improvised, wholly high-larious.

Let's finish with Australia's Axis of Awesome, shall we? Three less photogenic rockers you will have to search to find, but...are they funny? Judge for yourself:

More soon...



A Novel Woman said...

Ah, nice photo! Geez, you managed to squeeze about 10 posts in one. So much awesomeness to enjoy in one sitting.

I read about Cleese's taxi ride in either the Globe or the Gazette, and I can't remember which one did it, but one of them left Cleese's name out of the article, but made several references to "Monty Python" taking the cab ride which led to believe the writer had no clue who Monty Python IS.

As for the video, they are ALL kinds of Awesome! I'm thinking they had you at Tim Minchin.(g)

Griff said...

Awesome video! I have to agree with A Novel Woman...thanks for sharing!

Deborah said...

Wow. How do you stay on top of all of this? I'm lucky if I can keep track of my kids these days. I bow to your (as Pam said) awesomeness. *s*


kc dyer said...

ANW: I KNOW! I shouldn't let the material build up like that. [A little Minchin brightens up any day, wouldn't you say?]

And thanks, Griff and Deb. Glad you all enjoyed!