Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holiday Gift Ideas

This idea is courtesy of MotherReader (, and a great one it is...

Looking for a great holiday gift idea? Give a copy of MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK with a ticket to your nearest planetarium (or the Vancouver Space Centre!), so that your young reader can learn more about the world of telescopes and astrolabes and Carl Sagan.
Or how about a complete set of the Eagle Glen trilogy (SEEDS OF TIME, SECRET OF LIGHT & SHADES OF RED) along with a bag of peppermints -- sure to settle the time-travellers tummy!
Looking for more great ideas to make book-giving fun? Check out CWILL's blog this week. The link is just over there -- to the side of this posting, and when you hie yourself over there, you'll find a lot more ideas for BC book giving, courtesy of Adrienne Mason. (Thanks, Adrienne!)
If you'd like to get yourself a signed copy of any of my books, I'll be at the Park Royal Indigo store this Friday afternoon (December 14th) from 2:30 to 5 pm and at the Surrey Strawberry Hill Chapters store Sunday, December 16th, starting at 1:00 pm. As a special bonus, James McCann will be signing his books PYRE and RANCOUR right beside me. A great way to cross off a number of those difficult-to-buy-for teens on your list!


James Bow said...

I'd be interested to hear if you feel that these Chapters/Indigo signings are useful or not. I've heard that these events can be discouraging because of the cavernous venue and the fact that so many people find it so easy to ignore you.

kc dyer said...

Hi James!

I always have a good time at signings. It's all in the attitude. I go in first, talk with the staff, so they know we are coming. Bring them a treat so they remember me. =) Ask for a good set-up location. Do a good job setting up my display -- posters/balloons/flowers. STAND most of the time (unless signing). Bribe friends and relatives to show up. (This last part doesn't work all that well, so I try not to rely on it...)

It is what you make it, I guess. I also would never do this alone. My buddy James and I go together -- we write very different style books for a similar aged audience. Makes it WAY more fun!

(You're lucky -- you have Erin or even your mum to partner with!)

I'll blog about how it goes after the fact.


Daisy Dewdrop said...

James - Karen is not easy to ignore. For one thing, she sports a stunning collection of brilliantly coloured 'leggings'. Secondly, she believes a healthy stash of chocolates
makes an author irresistible ...just in case an impish grin, the gift of the gab, and a well written tale -perish the thought -go undetected.