Saturday, December 01, 2007


...not Michael Moore, though I do want to see his latest. No -- it's me this time, courtesy of (I am convinced) the generous fellow who sat in the row behind me on the plane from Toronto and coughed and sneezed into the air the entire trip.
I am hoarse, crabby and am cultivating a bit of a Darth Vadar vocal vibe.
But it is snowing, my children are cosy and warm and my dog wants to go for a romp, so I guess things could be worse. I think I'll still lobby for surgical masks on airplanes, though!


A Novel Woman said...

Ah, sorry you're sick.

I've got a cold too. Maybe it was our cute waiter in Montreal?

kc dyer said...

Perhaps. But I prefer to blame the boor behind me on the plane.

Check out the latest post for a view of the very restaurant that employs the waiter to whom you refer...

~kc, hoping you are better soon