Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fauna Favourites

Home safely, but still reeling with the need for sleep, and the heat around this joint is not helping. No more jetlag allowed after tonight...I have a story that needs finishing and a conference that is shifting into high gear.

But first, I want to bid a final farewell to the denizens of the UK who so warmly welcomed a pair of intrepid travellers....

This lady took personal responsibility for providing all the cheese and Wiltshire cream I scoffed with my scones and jam.

Enjoying silflay near the West Kent longbarrow.

A proud young mother floated past in the pond in London's Hyde Park, with her four babies tucked neatly along-side.

I found this guy making a statement of his own on the sign pointing to Old Sarum, near Salisbury.

Back in London, we watched this guy strut his stuff on the grass at the Tower. Not really playing fair, this guardian has his wings clipped, ensuring the Tower will never fall.

This fine fellow hopped over my feet in the grass at Avebury.

The true rulers of the kingdom, found everywhere in vast numbers, expert at seeking crumbs where no bird has gone before.

I was rewarded with this pointed glance when I pushed my way through the trees beyond Wood henge to find out just who was making all the noise...

And, of course, the experience was only complete after a long conversation with this Heiland Coo...bit of a tough go with the accent, I have to admit.

Tomorrow, some of the other --perhaps a trifle less animated -- faces of the trip.



Tan said...

I'd comment, but I'm still too busy being insanely jealous!

Welcome home!

A Novel Woman said...

Okay, the last guy seriously cracks me up. Get a haircut already....

Anonymous said...

You've really missed your calling as a wildlife photographer!

Talk with you after your extended nap ... all's well on this end.


kc dyer said...

Thanks, Tan! Glad to be back.