Friday, March 05, 2010

Dropped Balls... [A bit of a biggish post]

...and files and ideas and things I should've blogged by now.

But first... [as I have been rabidly tweeting all day],


The new boots.

As seen, moments ago, attached to the old legs, and propped up on my kitchen counter.

Pink? Why, yes they are.

I spotted them on Queen Street in Toronto, while I was trolling goth shops for suitable legwear. [Suitable for me, you understand, as one who might be a trifle fond of unlikely legwear. A personal quirk, nothing more.]

Anyway, I spotted these boots through a window, leapt in, and had my heart's desire fulfilled.

They are, indeed Doc Martens. Veggie Docs, in the not-so-common parlance of those who care about such things. I have been trying to find a pair of veggie Docs [non-leather Doc Martens] for something like ten years. They stopped making them years ago, and I don't buy leather. I do have a pair of imitation Doc's in shiny black patent -- until now, my favourite footwear.

But I think the black ones may have been usurped. Or coup-ed. Or something.

Okay, back to what's what. Had an amazing dinner tonight with writers Meg Tilly, Don Calame, James McCann and Lee Edward Fodi.

[This pic taken by James, in an effort to show footwear solidarity, but he somehow managed to cut off the boots!]

I suspect you may be able to hear the result in an upcoming Authors Like Us podcast. HUGE fun to see my friends Meg and Don again, since our paths cross less frequently these days and I really miss them. It was supposed to be an 'Authors Like Us' podcast taping of Meg and Don, but I crashed, and all were terribly sweet about it. We've all got new projects just complete or just about ready to go. Great fun.

And now, to some important items recently overlooked...

My last day in Toronto on the weekend, I had a ton of fun trolling bookshops like Mabel's Fables and the Flying Dragon with authors Kari Lynn Winters and Gwen Smid. Gwen is a Winnipeg girl, who has published a couple of very sweet picture books in the Mary's Atlas series with Peanut Butter press.They are lovely books -- you must check them out!

After I left Toronto, I flew home to the massive celebrations of Canada winning hockey gold. Crosby scored the final goal just before my plane touched down, and as I drove home down Granville Street, this was the view:

Taken on the Granville Street bridge, looking into downtown. The sound was unbelievable.

A bit hard to see in this pic, but...

My blog may not post this whole thing. Fingers crossed! This is just a tiny taste of the tens of thousands who poured into the city on that Sunday afternoon, just to share the joy of a story-book ending to the Olympic Games proper.

As mentioned, my plane was on its final approach into YVR when the winning goal happened, but for those on the ground in my city -- this is the sound of raw jubilation, across False Creek from the stadium.

A joyful noise.



Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Cool shoes, baby. Gonna get a red scarf to go with them? *d&r*

(stupid html ate my duck and run the last time... *g*)

Gwen Smid said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

I'm jealous about your new boots...I was eyeing the metallic blue ones on Queen St. I used to have the best pair of burgundy one in high school. Bought them off a friend for only $30. Then got a call from her mother that evening informing me that Christa had sold me her brother's boots. Oops. Luckily, Mother didn't request that I return the boots. Good times.

Dale said...

That photo, for me, will forever be the definitive image of electric pink!

Tan said...

The only thing I like better than the boots is your use of the term "coup-ed." Nice.

kc dyer said...


I already HAVE a red scarf, thank you very much.


kc dyer said...

Gwen, I loved the blue ones, too, but the pink stole my heart [and my wallet!]


kc dyer said...

Dale -- wait til you see them in person!


kc dyer said...


Pronounced 'coo-d', of course!


A Novel Woman said...

I thought you said you were getting silver ones and I thought, nah, she needs the pink! Whoo hoo, I lurves them!

James said...

How did I miss the boots? I took, like, twelve pics.