Sunday, March 14, 2010

Speedy Sunday

Especially when an hour of sleep is gone, due to daylight savings! Ah, well...we can always drown our sorrows through eating pie...*

Just a couple of quick notes for tonight. HERE is where you'll find a link to Belva's List...a collection of things to do in and around Seattle. It's compiled by my friend Wally Lane's wife Belva, and is a must-read for those visiting the Emerald City.

This week I ventured out to eat German pancakes and visit the Museum of Vancouver  with friends Annett Stuze and Britta Vorbach. [This is Annett, looking fetching in period gear from the 'Old Vancouver' part of the exhibit.]

We really went to see the Art of Craft exhibit at the MoV which has been curated by Kirsti Wakelin and her partner Darren Carcary of Resolve Design. It was a beautiful and amazing exhibit, and is on until mid-April. I can heartily recommend it. You can read more about the experience of curating such a diverse collection on Kirsti's blog HERE.

Also loved the nightmare-dreamscape peopled by these evil fairies.

More soon...!


*geek pun based on the fact that today is Pi Celebration Day. Now go out and find 3.14 [etc] ways to celebrate it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey kc, so glad you (and your knee) could make it out to the exhibit!

I don't want to steal any credit not due us - while we did curate the BC section of Art of Craft – the National section was curated by Dr. Sandra Alfoldy and the Korean collection was by Mr. An.

We did, however, design the graphics & colour scheme for the entire show, and create the exhibit design and arrangement for the BC & National exhibits.

I'm glad you got a chance to see Ed Pien piece too - it's pretty wonderful.

You'll have to visit the museum a few months from now too - the next exhibit is about Fox + Fluevog shoes. I have a feeling you might have a fondness for interesting shoes.....