Monday, April 16, 2007

Congratulations... fellow Dundurn author and Compuserve scribe James Bow. His new book FATHOM FIVE arrived on his doorstep today. If you want to have a peek, check out his blog: Bow. James Bow. The address is in the Blog sidebar.

We are slowly making progress on the SiWC website -- but if you want a hint of some of the outstanding writers who will attend as speakers this year, check out the main page at The rest of the site is not live just yet, but it's coming! Next up will be bios and pix of the presenters this year, and once the board approval has come through, a listing of the workshops will go up.

One other thing new this year is the SiWC Writing Contest Deadline. It's been moved up to August, so check it out. Still one of the richest prizes associated with a writing conference contest, and now with four categories: Fiction (The Storyteller's Award, sponsored by Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte), Non-fiction, Poetry and Writing For Children. The new dates and requirements are all posted on the website -- so get those story ideas on paper in time for the August deadline!

And just because I can, here's a picture my daughter took of a funny sign at the base of the Filbert steps in San Francisco.

If you've seen a sign you'd like to share, send it in!



James Bow said...

Thanks for the congrats, KC! I hope you enjoy the book!

Hélène B said...

Pedestrians slippery when wet,