Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday the Thirteenth

Actually, now that I look at the clock, not any more. Have spent most of the day writing, writing, writing letters to the Most Wonderful and Exceptional presenters we have coming this year to the Surrey International Writers' Conference. It is a sad fact that, though I am many months away from the end of this letter-writing gig, I need to do a better job of cleaning up my email. I've just discovered that I have 500+ in my Sent box. Yipes. Actually about 1500+ in the various boxes. Spring cleaning ahead, I guess.

Plan to spend the weekend NOT letter-writing, but book writing. DEADLINE is living up to its name. Time to get it done and move on. Ceilidh is calling.

Speaking of my Edinburgh girl, the London Book fair is about to commence on Monday, I see. You can see more about it here:

Last year, I was lucky enought to have a peek at the gigantic event (which many people went to great pains to insist is tremendously smaller than the Frankfurt version). I had travelled to Edinburgh (my favourite city in Europe; setting of next series, starring Ceilidh Craig, as referenced above) for a little research jaunt. Whilst out for a drink with a few of the city's literary community, (a night to remember, without a doubt), I happened to mention to Ron Grosset (of Geddes & Grosset Ltd in Edinburgh, and one of aforementioned literati) that I would be in London the following week.

He very sweetly arranged an invitation for me, which was slipped in a clandestine fashion under my hotel room door when I arrived in London. So, off I went to Excel in the Docklands to see the Fair. And a wonderous event it was, with more books, publishers and agents than the eye could hold.

Of course, this year the London Book Fair represents nothing so much to me as a giant pain in the ass, since many of the the intended recipients of my letter writing efforts are currently jetting across a Very Large Body of Water with priorities other than answering their email.

So it goes. Time to read a little Vonnegut, I think, just to be reminded of how life never quite turns out as one might expect.

Oh -- and I am going to see if I can load a copy of the cover of Ms Z into this missive. Why not? (Hope it works!)



Anita Daher said...

That is an AWESOME cover!!

Anita Daher said...

p.s. My lord, what a glamourous life of literature you lead!

kc dyer said...

Thanks, Anita! I'm also holding out for a coffee stain, but I don't know if there is any hope....

Had to laugh at the glamourous literary life reference. Tomorrow I write all day in my pyjamas. JK Rowling, eat your heart out. It doesn't get any more glamorous than that! =)


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