Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Much Ado About Everything

Working like a maniac on too many projects to count right now. Let's see...

I'm awaiting the page proofs for MS ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK, due out in May. (VERY excited to see how those will look...this book is quite a departure for me.)

Last year I wrote a novel for kids called A WALK THROUGH THE WINDOW, and I've just completed a bit of a re-working of that, so I hope it will be ready to meet the world pretty soon.

DEADLINE is still teetering on the brink of completion. My current goal is to get it done before I head off for a quick trip to New York later this month.

Also working to get the 2007 SiWC line-up off the ground. This is a VERY busy time of year, as all the presenters need to be put into place (likely 55+ this year) AND all the presentations have to be readied for the production of the conference brochure. Many hundreds of emails winging through the ether as a result.

I'm also leaping into the breach for this year's Lions Bay Telephone Directory -- my one remaining annual desk-topping project.

Progress continues apace on the CWILL BC Spring Book Hatching, coming this June. It's going to be a great party! We've got nearly 30 writers introducing their new books, and prizes and excitement galore.

Let's just say my life is pretty full these days.

I'm feeling quite bereft, as I finished Palin's Diaries of the Python Years last night. It has been quite fascinating to me to read of all the goings-on behind the scenes. Has quite brought me back to my own teenage years when I could recite the Parrot Sketch et al verbatim. However, I've also found the book very inspiring from a writer's point of view. I hadn't realized just how much of Michael Palin's life has been devoted to writing. His work ethic is admirable, all the more so because of the emphasis he placed on not isolating himself through the process. Fascinating read. (I spent a bit of time chasing Mr. Palin down through his 'people' to see if he might consider attending the Surrey conference this year, alas in vain. I hold out hope for some future year, though. I think he'd enjoy himself immensely in this setting.)

Am currently trying to fill the Palin breach by reading a book called RANCOUR by CWILL president (and friend) James McCann. I actually stole this book from James last year, but this is my first chance to read it. It has an exciting premise, with promise of werewolves, vampires and teen angst. (Not sure which will turn out to be the scariest of the three...) James has a new book coming out very shortly, titled PYRE. One thing is certain -- the man has an undeniable flair for coming up with riveting titles.

I also picked up a copy of my daughter's school book CHRONICLE OF A DEATH FORETOLD by Gabriel Garcia Marquez today, whilst the girl was in her piano lesson. Got irretrieveably hooked and had to finish the story before making dinner. Simply marvellous read.


Rose said...


Oh, man. Palin would have been fabulous!!!

I'll have to get my hands on those diaries.


kc dyer said...

Well, my dear, you are so much younger than I, they might not speak to you
in the same way. But the late '70's were my teenage years and nothing loomed
bigger for me than Python.

Besides, I'm not giving up on him. I'll try again!


Rose said...


Perhaps, but I'm sure they'll be worth the read anyhow. {g}

Glad to hear you're not giving up!


kc dyer said...

Oh yes -- you should read them. Big fat book, my favourite kind.

As for MP, I'll keep hounding. I really believe he'd have a great time at the conference.