Friday, July 04, 2008

Edmonton Under Fan

Am currently at the Canadian Authors Association CanWrite Conference in Edmonton, a hot town with plenty of cool writers these days.

Suzanne Harris and her gang have put on a fabulous event, and I listened to a number of excellent speakers today. This evening I watched a performance done by the Spoken Word Choir, under the direction of author and creative hurricane Gail Sidonie Sobat. The group is made up of a bunch of teens who love to write, and they gave a knock-down performance that wowed the audience gathered at the Timm Centre for the CAA national Literary Award Readings.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died mid-day today, (too many pictures of baby Ronan in Calgary, methinks), but I should have a few shots to post when I get home.

Just posted a discussion of the terms 'advanced' and 'master' writer at the SiWC blog, too.

Now off to escape the heat with a cold shower and a fan...



Shelley Hrdlitschka said...

Hey KC, Gail is a friend of mine. Met her on a CCBC book tour. Isn't she WONDERFUL? Actually, the two of you have a lot in common ~ huge energy!

kc dyer said...

Hi Shelley!

I _love_ Gail -- she is a whirlwind of talent. Her spoken word teens were just fantastic -- her love for them was palpable. I read her new book all the way home on the plane -- amazing!


Anita Daher said...

A cold shower and a fan...does this fan have a name, kc?
Sorry...yes I kid. Couldn't not!

I adore Gail. She is one of the most warm, giving, talented, and supportive people I have ever known!

kc dyer said...

Hey Anita,

Alas, his name was Windy, I belive. Or perhaps just Westinghouse.

Yes-- Gail is a wonder. Her new book is fantastic -- very moving. She's marvellous!