Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Another big 'un.

The side of the mountain came down on the highway here last night about midnight. Just a kilometer north of Porteau Cove, so between Lions Bay and Furry Creek. Link to CBC story with a few pix is here.

One more close-up picture can be found here at the Mountain FM site.

Unlike the last big slide in February, 2007, Lions Bay is still accessible. (This is a shot of what we drive through every day -- the upgrade continues...)

All I can think about right now are the 40,000 people who just made their way down and back across this very stretch of road this past weekend. Police are saying that no one was caught in this slide (though I am not sure how they can tell -- the buried areas are 10 m deep in places), but if this cliff had come down last weekend, the death toll could have been very high.

More on this -- and on Summer Dream -- soon.



Rose said...

Holy Landslides, Batman! I'm glad you and yours weren't caught under that!


Tan said...

Yikes! Maybe you'd better move closer to civilization. :)

Trudy said...

How unbelievably scary.

I thought all this road work and improvement to the highway was making it completely safe. Gullible me.

Glad to hear you are okay!

A Novel Woman said...

Holy cow, I was wondering what you were up to. I figured a landslide of emails, not rocks....

kc dyer said...

Yep. Crazy big rocks, man!