Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hokay -- Halfway There!

'Ohh-ohh we're halfway there, Oh-oh livin' on a prayer'*

*Clearly a direct result of driving long distances lately with a metal-head...

Will post most Comic Life pix tomorrow, depicting our wonderful little tour and the strange creature who appears to be stalking us...

(Having WAY too much fun turning my life into a comic book with this software. Comic Life has been a great sponsor to us -- blogging about our tour on their site, and giving us a pile o' software to give away. We are leaving many Comic Life Crazies in our wake...)

But for now, a written re-cap is in the cards. Let's see...

James McCann (aka the previously-referenced metal-head) and I left Vancouver on Monday morning, and after a small satellite-related detour through the back roads of Merritt, culminating in an unscheduled visit to the town heli-pad (as depicted in the comic above) we landed safely in Kamloops, secured lodging, free wireless access and a refreshing jolt of caffeine.

Our event at the Kamloops Chapters was just terrific. After a nice write-up by Mikelle Sasakamoose in Kamloops This Week (Her Story on History), we had a great turn-out, with folks from as far away as Williams Lake popping in to buy a book or two.

You can see if you smile prettily enough, James will even let you wear his magic Pyre hat!

The next day we sped off eastward for a short (but sweet) visit to Banff. It was sometime after our trip to the Welch's candy shop that we noticed the scurrying of tiny feet in our wake. But when we looked one was there.

We made a late arrival in Calgary that night, and were joyfully greeted the next morning by the least-sleepy Dempster family member. Last week he ate my shoe, bringing him into the Silas Criminal-Family-Member Club. In this shot, Ronan gives his opinion as to any concern over my chewed shoe.

As a result, he became Ronan, Incarcerated, a state (I understand) he frequently is found in these days.

Next it was off to Monkeyshines, a very cool little bookstore right in the middle of Calgary's Marda Loop.

More on Monkeyshines -- with pictures! -- and our subsequent adventures in the next post, as it's burning past midnight here, and a long day has already been enjoyed. Make sure you check out James' blog for his take on our adventures, too.


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