Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the Road Again

Blogging from Calgary here, on a quick stop en route to take my loin-spawn (credit the hilarious Janet Reid for _that_ one ) off to university. It will be a circuitous journey, involving a trip to New York and Toronto before we alight in the land of Parent-Free-Post-Secondary. She's celebrating, I'm not yet openly weepy, so all is well. I'm hoping to connect with the aforementioned clever and talented Janet when I hit the big city, as well as jamming in enough touristy endeavours to last me until my next visit. No sleep for four days!

I heart New York.

But in a quick look home, I thought I might post a few pix that my son, He-Who-Is-Revelling-In-The-Absence-Of-His-Sister, found last night when researching the possible heritage of our youngest canine family member. I can't see any resemblence myself...

The bad dog.

The BC Black Wolf.

The BC Black Wolf in winter.

The BC Black Wolf eats his wading pool.

No resemblance at all....



Dale said...

Hope you and the XX birthling have an awesome time! (And Mom isn't too weepy when she comes back alone)

kc dyer said...

Thanks, Dale!

~kc [and the birthling...]

A Novel Woman said...

May you and your little birthling find bliss in NYC.

And if you are having a hard time finding said bliss, head for the nearest bar and ask for a Bailey's on the rocks. Heck, make it a double!

kc dyer said...

Dear NW,

Thank you for the kind thoughts. Have downed two margaritas to cope with said birthling in transit, but nary a Bailey's in sight. Tonight, perhaps!