Sunday, August 03, 2008

Signs, Signs...

Really enjoyed my walk through Portland yesterday.

The MAX (the LRT in the region) stopped travelling across the Steel Bridge yesterday, as a re-build is under way. This is a shot of the Steel Bridge, with the traffic restricted to two-wheel and two-leg variety.

Instead, the MAX people were offering a shuttle service, but the day was nice so I walked, and was the happier for it.

Early Saturday morning gave me a fine appreciation of some of the very unique signage around the downtown area of the city.

This huge brass bell under a pagoda roof apparently rings without warning.

Made in Oregon.

This is a Japanese-American park, with a scattering of standing stones that are very lovely.

I liked this one in particular, which had the five Ws scattered across its surface.

Scattered around the city downtown are tiny brass fountains, cheerfully burbling away.

And, of course, the bicycle stand outside Powell's, the store that dragged me inside and wouldn't let me go...


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