Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sea to Sky Landslide Update

In the interests of journalistic integrity, as soon as I heard the Sea to Sky had opened again after the big slide by Porteau Cove, I had to go see for myself.

Knowing that my readers are intent on every detail, I spared no expense and visited the site by both land and sea to get the most thorough viewing. (Nothing I won't do for my blog readers. I'm just saying.)

First, a reminder of how things looked on July 30:

This is a section of the Sea to Sky about 10 minutes up the road from Lions Bay. A few minutes before midnight on July 30th, the cliff-side came down, narrowly missing the back of a Perimeter bus heading north on the highway.

This is what the slide area looks like now, approaching from the waters of Howe Sound.

Peter Keiwit Sons is the highway upgrade contractor, and having their equipment nearby sped the process of clearing the debris.

A bit closer and you can see the digger is still in place.

The rest of the highway continues to be quite a mess, with blasted rock, closed lanes and detours all over the place.

Typical scenic view....

But the slide? This is what it looks like now...the repairs begin at the orange pylon.

The tiny flicks in the rock face here are the remains of the rebar that had been driven in to the rockface to stablize it.

Not exactly successful.

Here is the section of repaired asphalt and the new tracks.

An unperturbed observer -- couldn't care less about rocks, just looking for a decent salmon...


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