Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm so ashamed...

Books on the Nightstand is having a giveaway. I hadn't seen this blog before, but was directed to it by the inimitable Janet Reid, whose very tidy, Octopus-topped night table can be found here.

Just to punish Janet for putting such an idea in my head, I sent her a semi-annotated view of exactly what my bedside table looks like now.

And then I sent her a shot of my other bedside table.

Embarrassing. (Note the cat's tale in this one. She was a bit perturbed with all the night-time camera flashes...)

However, this is what most flat, open surfaces tend to look like in my house.

Are yours any better? If so...send 'em in!



Ann said...

Love it! It's so real and alive (in a good way). And, truth be told, looks very much like mine. :)

Thanks for coming over to Books on the Nightstand and for playing along.


Hélène Boudreau said...

Oh, gosh. If I could figure out where my camera was, plus set the darn thing to take a half-way decent picture, not to mention, sort out how to upload the files--I might have attempted to get a pic.

But, can you believe it? I actually cleaned off the top of my nightstand this weekend (and the two drawers)in a fit of tidiness. I would say there were about 24 books in total. Ms. Zephyr's Notebook amongst them, I might add...


Trudy said...

I can't upload...download....(whatever) pictures as I'm a techno-eejit.

But! My nightstand and all surfaces in my bedroom look very similar to yours - maybe the nightstand pile is higher
because it's actually taller than my lamp.

All I need is a cat tail :)

Michael said...

I love these photos KC! and I especially love that you've annotated the first one... such a great idea. It's very funny that you've got the Powell's map there, like you're plotting your attack to add to the pile!

thanks for entering our giveaway!


kc dyer said...

Thanks, Ann! Nice to know I have a sister in shameful bedside tables...


kc dyer said...

Hi Helene,

You _cleaned_ off your nightstand in the _fall_??????

My hat goes off to you. For a writer, this officially makes you Wonder Woman!


kc dyer said...

heh heh

You see, Trudy? The truth is coming out!


kc dyer said...

Thanks, Michael!

Fortunately, I already plotted my way through Powell's earlier this summer on a quick trip to Portland. SUCH a cool store!


Fiona said...

However, this is what most flat, open surfaces tend to look like in my house.

Ditto! :^D In fact, just to have *one* clear and free surface, I've designated the top of the bureau in the hallway as "the non-horizonatal surface". Kids and hubby know that if they leave anything on the bureau, it--oh, my--mysteriously flies off, randomly landing somewhere else. It's amazing how much that one clear surface contributes to my sanity.

kc dyer said...

Ah, Fiona...so this is why you enjoy sanity, and I [whispering] do not. =)


Jena said...

A few years ago, one of my orders from Powell's was accompanied by a map of the store. I showed it to my fiance and told him that we had to go (and he didn't need much convincing).

kc dyer said...

Hi Jena,

I'd have to say that my visit to Powell's was worth the entire trip to Portland all by itself! Awesome, awesome place.