Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catching Up Whilst Battling Microscopic Demons

Hey -- cool news! Waterloo Public Library picked A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW as one of their Sizzling Staff Selections.

Just what I need to help me in my battle with this Epic Germ I have now been jousting more than a week. I am beyond behind in reporting events, so a quick precis follows...

Last night I dragged my sorry, coughing self out the door to catch Robert J. Sawyer's book signing at White Dwarf Bookstore in Vancouver. Rob read (in true SF form, from his Blackberry!) to a rapt group of standing room only fans. His new book, WAKE is the first in a planned trilogy. (This is a shot of Rob mid-stream in his reading -- see the Blackberry?)

After collecting my signed copy from Rob, I hightailed it over to Gastown to catch the end of this month's Shebeen meeting. Raincoaster (alias Lorraine Murphy) had facilitated a spirited discussion led by Monique Trottier of Boxcar Media on the subject of 'Old Publishers Have a New Think Coming.' I arrived too late for the talk, but in time to connect a bit with those in attendance. I'm excited to report that Monique and Lorraine will both be coming to SiWC this year for our special social media stream -- more on that later, she sez, mysteriously.

Working backwards, last Saturday I went with a group of CWILLers to help celebrate the nominations of fellow writers at the BC Book Prizes soiree. This year's event was partially sponsored by the Canadian Authors Association. Here is a shot of Kathie Shoemaker and Irene Watts -- the two nominated CWILL members in attendance -- along with Margaret Hume and Anthony Dalton, CAA members. (Left to right: Kathryn Shoemaker, Anthony Dalton, Irene Watts, Margaret Hume).

I admit to feeling very sad as I post these pictures. Last year, I sent the pics from this event to Derek Weiler for the Quill & Quire blog. Derek died suddenly last week at the unconscionable age of 40, and the wee publishing community of this country has been rocked by the loss. (You can read more details on the Q&Q site HERE.)

There is much more to report, but this blog post is as packed as I dare make it for now.

More soon, no doubt.


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