Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Torn...

...torn, I tell you.

I just found the funniest book promotion video ever. However, as the audience for this blog also includes a certain segment of my youthful readership I daren't embed it here.

So, instead, I will link to it. HERE.

The book is titled ETCETERA AND OTHERWISE, by Sean Stanley and looks to be a bit of a love story.

A couple of caveats -- while the contents are rude and the language is generally not safe for work, it's all talk, really. And for those of you teenagers who think this is a license to watch -- bear in mind that it is a parody of the plight of the Canadian author. A political statement.

No good stuff.


I had never heard of Tightrope Press before today, but I'll be buying this book for sure.


PS The picture? It's a shot my girl secretly took of herself on my computer, and put in place as my wallpaper before she left for her first year of university. Is that not love?

She comes home this weekend. I am thrilled.


Vicki Pettersson said...

You're right. Best EVAH! LOL

Anonymous said...

You are one cruel mama to post that pic!


kc dyer said...

Hey Vic!

Yeah, it kinda transcends borders, eh?


kc dyer said...



I just thought it was funny...