Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catching Up -- Link-fest

Tried to post last night but the gremlins of the ether failed me. I have a big post due up at the SiWC blog site, so you may want to check over there to see if you are, indeed, a winner of ecstatic proportion. Or not.

Starting to work on sorting out the travel for SiWC 2009 presenters, and dealing with the minutiae that crops up when dealing with same. It's an exciting, nerve-wracking time as a conference comes together, and I am trying to enjoy this one as much as possible, as it will be my last [for the forseeable future, anyway] as conference coordinator.

Horrendous experience today (as you may have noticed if you follow me on twitter -- @kcdyer) with the only remaining MS software on my Mac. It's enough to drive a writer to take pictures of self, when she is trying to document the greenery of a lush summer day. This shot was taken as I contemplated tossing the whole machine off the cliff. Luckily, calm returned again after a few bites of blue raspberry fruit crisp. Hard to hate anything when you have fruit crisp at hand...
(Crisp? Crumble? Cobbler? What do YOU call it?)

I will hie over to the other site now to announce contest results, and in the meantime, here are a few links, the posting of which will enable me to close a few tabs around this joint.

  • HERE is where you can find The Times' view of the net's 10 top book websites.
  • A Most Awesome though-love letter from a librarian to publishers of kids books everywhere is HERE. (Printed on the School Library Journal site in the US, it speaks to a few universal truths applicable in Canada, too.)
  • One of my favourite on-line gathering places for nerdy women is The Park Bench, and in this post, they hilariously recount the necessities that should be on every nerd's apocalypse survival-kit list. How could life be worth living without a DVD of Sean of the Dead?
  • And to finish your day on a peaceful note, (in the key of bflat, to be exact) I give you this remarkable site -- I found it impossible not to play endlessly with the combinations of sounds. Simple and lovely.

Here's to the soft, sweet sounds of a summer night....


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