Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Penticton Wednesday

It's 11:09 pm and my camera is in the car, so no new pix for tonight. (I am in a deep, dark house in a deep, dark world and unfamiliar with the lights to take me to my car and said camera, she sez, verbosely explanitorially...).

Will check -- maybe I have a picture from yesterday to serve...

In the meantime, HERE is a link to a story in the Penticton Herald about our Youth Write endeavour here. I think we've made the paper every day while here, which is Very Nice. In other funny, nice news, Lee discovered a tribute video made for me and put up on YouTube by one of his ex-students. Very sweet.

What else? I have a whole blog post planned to illustrate with pictures of the pet cemetery (note spelling -- no 's' in cemetery!!!) we visited today. It was not creepy, but sad and desolate and wonderful. Tomorrow is technically the last day of YouthWrite, followed by a big signing event at the Coles in Cherry Lane Mall (please come, we'll have jelly beans!). On Friday, we have a book sale and signing at Okanagan College, where we've been holding the Youth Write event.

So, a whole lotta awesome for the rest of the week!

And, I did find a pic....

This is Shadow, and he is as big as a mountain. He belongs to Ed and Peggy Fodey, who have been our hosts this week. Shadow is Very are his owners.

Lots more tomorrow.


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