Friday, July 10, 2009

Pet Cemetery

Note to Stephen King fans...there is no 's' in this cemetery.

Yesterday, author James McCann and I took a little trip.

To the local pet cemetary.

The experience was not really creepy ...just a little sad. Sad to see all the loved animals gone.

But also sad to see how derelict a relatively new endeavour is. From what we could see, the place was inaugurated in 1987. But the day we went, it was overgrown in weeds, with path markers kicked down or destroyed.

I do have to admit that seeing this headstone gave us both pause...

If you'd like to see more of my shots of the pet cemetary, check out my flickr page HERE.

And a final blog post will soon emerge, regarding the Most Wonderful BC Youth Write Camp 2009, which has just finished its run. Brilliant fun.



Jacqueline Pearce said...

Interesting. I didn't know this existed. The sepia tone does give the pics a bit of a Stephen King mood, though.

kc dyer said...

Hey Jacquie,

Heh. I just sepia-d these ones for effect, of course. Full colour on the flickr page.

Apparently it's the only sanctioned pet cemetary in BC. I've seen them elsewhere (dog cemetery inside the walls of Edinburgh Castle, to name one) but this is the only one I've seen around here.


Ev said...

Interesting and sad. The sepia tone _does_, as noted, make you feel the 'S' should be present in cemetery.