Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's that time of year -- all the Surrey stuff is coming to a head, my own book promo is in full swing and things are just nuts around here.

Today was the SiWC 2009 road show, and I had a marvellous reception at Archbishop Carney Secondary in Port Coquitlam, followed by a brief trip into the new Surrey campus of SFU to talk with a World Lit 100 class about the conference. This is a shot of the inside of the campus. It's like the prow of an enormous ship -- quite, quite beautiful.

Huge thanks to Allison Wall and her wonderful creative writing class for their kind welcome! And also to Melek Ortabasi and her group at SFU. Hope to see many of you at the conference!

Had to deal with many phone issues [as those who follow me on twitter have no doubt learned], but all is well now, new phone in place, fully functional and I am communicado once more.

Make sure you check out recent blog posts over at www.siwc.ca, as that's where I am spending most of my energy capital these days. Tons going on -- all fun, all nuts, all the time.

More soon -- catch up day tomorrow.

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Guerrilla Giving said...

Will Janet Reid of Fine Print be at SiWC this year?