Thursday, October 01, 2009

Odds and Sods, This and That, Here and There

Quite a few balls in the air at the mo.

I'm currently Writer in Residence at New Westminster Secondary, and I spent some great time today brainstorming stories with Ms. Hunt's class. We'll be creating plays to be performed by Ms. Cave's drama class, and the process is a gas. More on that, and performance dates as time progresses.

The SiWC 2009 Road Show continues. No stops today, though, as I was dealing with writing contest [see annual bloody eyeballs post HERE] and plumbers and such.

Conference registrations are coming in fast and furious, which thrills me. We are hoping to make SiWC 2009 the best ever, and in light of Publisher's Weekly's view of how things are in the books & writers conference business these days, I am happy to report that SiWC 2009 is strong and healthy and rarin' to go.

For those who have very kindly inquired about the epic fail of a day yesterday; my new modem is en route, the plumber did finally show up today, but couldn't restore my water pressure, and most importantly -- my mama is resting comfortably, with her shoulder relocated to where a person's shoulder should be.

Readers in Calgary take note -- we [and by we, I mean James McCann, Lee Edward Fodi and myself] are planning our annual Fall Into Fantasy tour through your fine city in November. Check it out HERE on Facebook. If you'd like to have an incredible presentation at your school, please email our publicist Angela Crocker at and she'll organize things for you.

Okay -- I'm sure there are a tonne of other topics I should touch on, but I've got to go read the last few entries in the SiWC 2009 writing contest!

What are YOU reading tonight? My friend Bernice Lever advises you to take a Canadian author to bed...


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