Friday, October 02, 2009

Visene No More!

Hokay -- finally there. All SiWC contest entries read and re-read. Some re-re-read. Contest conclusions come to. Final discussion amongst contest readers still to take place, though, so shortlisted authors will not hear until tomorrow at the earliest.

Had a break from reading entries today to go meet with Sean Cranbury of Books on the Radio fame. We taped an interview for his blog/show, and he tells me it'll go live in a few days. I'll post here when it does.

[This is Sean NOT wearing the Very Cool Hat he had on today. I have dibs on it now -- fair warning!]

What else? You can check out the latest blog post HERE, documenting agent Kristin Nelson's big find at the Surrey International Writers' Conference. [Hint: Local author Janice Hardy shines in the story, too!]

That's it. I'm toast. Tomorrow I need to kill 200 email. It'll be a big-game email hunt. Expect carnage.


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