Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aaaaannnd...a couple of updates to the Amazon Debacle post

Looks like things between Amazon and all the Macmillan books and imprints have been resolved.

First -- a change of heart from Amazon HERE.

Next, for his insightful and ever-amusing take on things, Scalzi is HERE. [I laughed and agreed with his arguments, but have seen the most evidence of his  point #3 this weekend].

And for those who missed my post yesterday, HERE is boingboing's summary of the whole shenanigans going down.

To finish, just to disabuse any of you who think that the writing life is one of unending glamour -- a shot of my bed this weekend, taken with my computer camera, of the interlopers who felt my attention should be on them, as opposed to the keyboard. Complaints, complaints...
Luckily one of the dogs was otherwise occupied.


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