Saturday, January 23, 2010


Writing a very intense series of scenes at the moment. The good thing is, every time I trip [metaphorically] and fall, the story wrenches me to my feet again and I'm off.

This makes me pretty happy.

But I still have to give the ol' brain a break to allow stuff to gel, y'know? So today, while gellin', I cleaned off my grossly overloaded desktop [metaphorical again; my actual desk top has wood visable, which is fairly unusual for me at this stage of a book. Still haven't opened my mail since November, though -- so goes to show I'm not THAT far gone...]

Anyway, cleared off the desktop and while I was at it, I dumped a bunch of blogs from my reader. I only got rid of those, whom, once loved, no longer post at all. Made me a little sad to see how many I had to cull.

I miss you, one and all!

However, I am still here, and as soon as the new website is up and ready, we'll be facilitating some kind of a blog move, too. Not sure if we'll be here or there, but wherever we are, you'll know. And with the new site, there will be a whole new section of the blog on writing tips and links. I already do the link-thing, but the tips'll be new. New-ish. New to me.

You get it.

In the meantime, how cool are these fingerless gloves? They go all the way to my elbows, I swear. Knit for me by the uber-librarian and Needle-Smith Sarah Wethered.

Not sure how much detail shows in this classy photobooth shot, but they have the coolest colours, a kind of spiral pattern and are made of...[wait for it...]

bamboo, baby.

[Not actually the offspring of bamboo. Just bamboo itself. Baby.]

Sarah, you rock. My new gloves rock. I may have to dedicate the new book to them, for the cool factor of having my hands so cosy while I type the chase scenes through a chilly Scottish night. Not that it's actually chilly here, or even Scottish for that matter [except by ancestry], but the chase scene is both. But regardless, a pair of fingerless gloves will make an appearance. Watch for 'em.

So, I guess I'd better get back to it.

But first -- speaking of Scottish -- don't forget the wee Rabbie's birthday is on Monday. A bet a few drams are being lifted on his behalf, even as I type.

We'll celebrate in style then, shall we?



A Novel Woman said...

Ooh, you'll rock the new blog with your writing tips. And I lurve those gloves. Maybe I'll get Youngest to make me a pair. I'm so not there yet, as I'm still struggling with simple scarves. Meanwhile, she's making herself a pair of socks. SOCKS!

RWC said...

Fabulous, dahling! Looking forward to your exciting new site/blog!


kc dyer said...

Dear ANW -- I live for your knitting stories, so I thought you might like my new gloves. SO soft!


kc dyer said...

Thanks, Deb!