Thursday, November 02, 2006

David Sedaris comes to town...

Last night David Sedaris came to Vancouver for his first public speaking engagement in Canada. He is the last speaker of the Vancouver Readers & Writers Festival season. Somehow his visit flew under my radar long enough for the event to sell out before I could get a ticket.

I couldn't let that happen.

He was set to speak at 8pm, so I showed up at the Chan Centre at about 5:30. Brought my current wip to work on while I waited, warm gloves and my dog.

Got there before they'd even put the lights on at the Chan. Seamus stayed in the car. =)

But the box office was open, and they set up a line for stand-by tickets. I was first in line -- and I got my ticket. A very gracious woman sold me the ticket her husband was unable to use and we both enjoyed Sedaris enormously. Even better live than on NPR!

The man is a tiny, imperfect genius -- the best kind, to my mind. He read several of his stories, including a piece that is about to run in the New Yorker. (I _live_ for the weeks that there is a piece by Sedaris in the New Yorker.)

The audience was packed, but the man stayed until every last person had a book signed if they wanted one. This was _hundreds_ of people. In person, at the signing, he was generous and a little shy, and took his time to address everyone. A shining star in the strange and often bizarre world of readers and writers. I must remember to add his name to my list of incredible writers whom I have heard read their work aloud.

Books I bought include HOLIDAYS ON ICE (a huge favourite of mine), and DRESS YOUR FAMILY IN CORDUROY AND DENIM, and ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY.

My idea of a perfect night out.


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