Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Interesting Things ...

...found around the house in the woods after nearly six days without power.

-> Sticks stolen from fireplace by dog, taken to previously dark room and chewed to bits
-> the horrific aftermath of a single pink popsicle left behind in a warm freezer
-> candlewax in the most interesting locales. I mean -- Everywhere.
-> pine needles in the beds
-> dirty laundry on every flat surface
-> cereal bowls near the fireplace
-> top half of 60' tree with a trunk diameter of 18" on top of son's now presciently-named tree house (missed actual house by comforting margin of eight feet or so)

I should be writing, but instead I am off to buy groceries as we currently have NO Food, due to the storm, of course. Tonight -- I write.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you all came through that storm in one piece. It sounds like one I'd have loved to watch...from the comfort of somewhere safe!

Love the image of the former pink popsicle. [g] Those other things, one would sort of expect as storm residue, but pine needles in the beds..? Weird!

erdnase said...

See, had I been home, I would still have food, because my entire repertoire of groceries at any given time usually amounts to four or five crates of Kraft Dinner (Safeway has two for one sales twice a year with a two crate maximum -- I always hit at least four stores), and cans of ravioli.

Furthermore, I eat my ravioli cold, right out of the can, with a fork, because I hate doing dishes.

What this means is that whether there happens to be a massive storm, or even, say, a nuclear winter, I will not only be able to eat -- I won't even notice a change in lifestyle.

You should take notes.

Popsicles. Man. You people over on the North Shore are just so... extravagant.