Monday, November 20, 2006

Holy Windstorm, Batman!

I have detected a worrysome trend in the content of this blog. Canadians have a peculiar affinity for discussions related to all things climatological. This stems from the undeniable commonality we all share in the buffeting, pummelling and general abuse we suffer as a nation at the hands of old lady Nature. It's also a relatively safe, polite topic of conversation. So, while it will be back to regularly scheduled programming for tomorrow, today the word of the day is WEATHER.

There has been nothing safe or polite about the weather around these parts over the last few weeks. And a particularly bad storm has kept me from my worship at the sacred shrine of computer for nearly six days now.

Last Wednesday, our little village was slammed by a rain and wind storm that shattered trees, brought down wires, clogged our water intakes and created chaos that has lasted nearly a week. Winds gusted to 125 kph. Waterspouts danced across the whitecaps on Howe Sound. Thunder (in November!) roared. It was a beautiful storm, but it closed the highway to the village for an entire day and brought down the wrath of the trees upon us in a big way.

It's easy to forget how vulnerable we are to the elements. That a little puff of wind could create such havoc has been a not-so-gentle reminder. Time to review the emergency supplies and systems.

We have been warned.


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