Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Got a Reader Yet?

Reading Tip of the Day:

Not sure if I am preaching to the converted here, but if you've got a long list of blogs you like to check in on periodically, but not enough time to do it -- a Reader is a must.

I use Google Reader, myself, but there are other choices out there. Essentially what a Reader does is collect up the RSS feeds from your favourite blogs and brings them all to one spot. So, everytime one of your favourite bloggers posts something new, your Reader will collect up the feed and deposit the post in your own special spot.

I could never understand how people had time to read blogs. I currently have [checking] 37 subscriptions to blogs I enjoy. Some of these are BIG blog-post generators (Galley Cat, and the late, lamented Miss Snark are good examples) and some belong to friends who only post once in a while.

Doesn't matter. Either way, whenever they do post, the reader gathers up the feeds and sends them to my account. If I want to comment, I can click on the post and be delivered directly to the blog. I check my reader once or twice a day -- maybe 5 minutes a session. If I had to hunt out all those blogs individually, it would take hours.

Let me know if you have a reader you like better than Google's. It's good to know what's out there.


Ehren said...

Hi kc, I tend to keep up with about a hundred websites (don't ask) and I seem to like the convenience of Mozilla Firefox Browser's Live Bookmark function as well as Bloglines easy access and archival abilities.

Anita Daher said...

I don't have a Reader, but I enjoy a nice leisurely meander down my blog list as I enjoy my morning tea :-)

Anonymous said...

If you're on a Mac, by far the best RSS reader is freeware and called Vienna and is available here: http://erdnase2000.livejournal.com/68111.html


Anonymous said...

Remember too, that RSS readers aren't limited to blog feeds. I subscribe to probably 400 different news feeds, having to do with everything from world news, BBC, comic book news, etc. etc. etc.

It's a really easy way to quickly see all of the headlines you may be interested in all in one convenient place.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure you add the most important one:


hahahaahah :)

kc dyer said...

Hey Ehran -- I'll check those ones out when I convert to Mac next month. Thanks for the tip!


kc dyer said...


You are a braver woman than I -- my list seems to grow by the day!


kc dyer said...

Thanks, Mikey -- I'll keep it in mind! (And as you know, I already subscribe to that Erdnase guy...)