Sunday, July 08, 2007

SBH Revisited

A short note only tonight, as I am feeling the effects of a late night Lions Bay celebration of Ms. Zephyr's Notebook last evening...
(Watch this space for exciting news of upcoming launches, as Ms. Z and her Notebook make it out into the world.)

To the subject at hand:

Had a splendid meeting today with the planning committee of the illustrious and successful CWILL BC Spring Book Hatching. We had a look at the things that worked and the things that can be done better and came up with some fabulous ideas for the next event.

The best news for those of you who may have missed our June event is that you don't have to wait another year. We are doing it again this fall!

More info on the Fall Book Harvest as things develop.
Writing Tip of the Day:
It's hard to get much writing done when one's dog chases the local bandit into the nearest maple tree. One's dog, in fact, delerious with a combination of joy and frustration, insists on a vocal celebration/war chant that minimizes the concentration required for writing to a most remarkable degree.
Nevertheless, the bright eyes shining from the tree somehow make it all worth while.

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