Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot Stuff

Hello Faithful Readers of the Ether...

Hottest day of the year here today -- 37, which has thrown all of we heat-wimps from BC completely off our game. This kind of weather belongs to places other than our little bit of temperate rainforest.
A bit of a tossed salad tonight, with tidbits from Various Aspects of a Life Over-busy.
Attended a screening of HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX tonight. It was fun to watch with lots of good effects and a real Harry smootch to boot. But all secondary plot-lines were excised in favour of the main, which was a bit of a shame. I wanted to see more Tonks and Lupin, more Hagrid, and at least a glimpse of Rita Skeeter. But alas -- I guess a running time of 138 minutes was long enough for the producers. Too bad, though, as one of the two teenagers I attended the screening with was not a reader, and she was quite confused by the opening of the movie since she hadn't read the story.

Love the movies, but they can't touch the books. Not exactly a surprising sentiment, coming from me,I guess.

Working on plans for launching Ms. Zephyr's Notebook this month. In one special event, James McCann and I will be celebrating our new books (and all things CWILL) at the Summer Dream Literary Arts Festival on July 21st, beside Lumberman's Arch in Stanley Park. Summer Dream is a fantastic event, hosted by the Fabulous women of Pandora's Collective, aka Bonnie Nish and Sita Carboni. Because the event is in Stanley Park, we will not be selling books, but will happily sign any that are brought in from elsewhere. (Both PYRE and MS. Z. are now available a bookstore near you!) Watch this space for more details soon.

Have now finalized details for the SiWC brochure and sent them off to the Most Talented Laurel Hickey (of 2morrow Writing & Document Design) who will work her magic and ready the thing for printing. In celebration, I'll be sending out a notice 2morrow (sorry, Laurel!) to the SiWC listserv, announcing the names of two new editors who will be attending the conference this year.
Just to confirm -- registration for the conference opens July 26, 2007 and the SiWC Writing Contest closes August 3, 2007. Check out for further details.


Cate said...

I also saw the new Harry last night, and was a little disappointed with what was taken out. (The scene at St. Mungo's was one of my favourites -- and the expositional way of delivering the informations seemed so very awkward and unmotivated.)

Still, Fred's and George's exit from Hogwarts was as beautiful as I hoped and I had a great evening.

Rose said...


I am jealous. Jealous, I say! I have to wait until Saturday to see the film. The films are always great fun, but the books are much meatier and satisfying. I'll be taking my little Hermione (aka Ashley) to get our copy the minute it comes out.


Hélène B said...

Oh crud, I gotta get my contest submission in before I head to Cape Breton.

Thanks for the reminder!

kc dyer said...

Cate -- I'm totally with you on the missing material. The films are fun, but the book is always the best.


kc dyer said...

Rose -- Have you seen it yet?


kc dyer said...

Helene --

Have a great time in Cape Breton!