Saturday, February 09, 2008

Just Heard...

Canada's Blogging and Social Media Conference

...from Monique Trottier, my link to this year's Northern Voice Conference. Monique will be moderating the panel I'll be on, and she sent me a list of the other Writer/Bloggers with whom I'll be sharing the table. Here's a summary of the bios...

Crawford Kilian: Published author of 20 books and hundreds of articles and columns. His books include novels, textbooks, children's books, regional history and political issues. Crawford's writing appears online in several places.

Meg Tilly: Author and film actress. Her two adult novels are Singing Songs and Gemma. Her first YA novel, Porcupine, was published by Tundra in September 2007. Some of her better known films include, The Big Chill and Agnes of God, for which she won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar.

Pete McCormack: Writer and director of documentaries, feature films and novels. He wrote and directed the award-winning, Kevin Spacey-narrated Uganda Rising and the Pierce Brosnan-narrated Hope in the Time of AIDS. He's written, directed and produced several feature films, two novels, including the Stephen Leacock-nominated Understanding Ken and Shelby, and he recently recorded his third CD.

Robert Wiersema: Writer and events coordinator at Bolen Books. He recently published his first novel, Before I Wake, which became a national bestseller and was named a Book of the Year by the Globe and Mail and National Post. His published work includes columns in several Canadian dailies.

Monique Trottier: Former internet marketing manager of Raincoast Books. I am a web strategist and developer with Boxcar Marketing (formerly named Work Industries). I spearheaded the online marketing of Harry Potter, as well as developed the first Canadian-publisher podcast and blog series. I speak regularly at publishing conferences on online marketing, social networking, and blogging. I'm currently writing two training modules on online marketing for Cultural Human Resources Canada. I keep a regular blog on books, publishing and technology, which I started in April 2005.

An amazing group -- I feel very humbled to be in their company.

The conference itself looks to be marvellous -- check it out at


Speaking of blogs, my friend, writer Amy Dupire Jones has started up her own blog. You can find her at

Amy is a hot-topic YA writer, whose never met a controversial story she won't tackle or a chocolate she won't enjoy. And yes, she is just as cute in person as her avatar.

Give her blog a read!


And finally -- Seamus is enjoying life as a big brother these days. He's teaching his new sibling everything he knows. Wrestling, playing -- it's enough to wear a dog (or two ) out.

That should be a good thing.



Until I remembered that for every cause...

There is usually an effect:



A Novel Woman said...


I had one of those days this week, only instead of dirt it was a living room and hallway lined with shredded, used Kleenex.

Ah, dogs.

Trudy said...

How sweet! A puppy party :) But I am sorry about your balcony....

kc dyer said...

Dearest Novel W,

Silas hasn't found the Kleenex box yet, but more worrisomely, he chewed the electrical cord off the bottom of the air hockey game today. Luckily, not plugged in, but still...


kc dyer said...

Hey Trudy!

At least it is washable...