Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snowy Nostalgia

Took this shot last week. The snow is gone now, but I loved the look of it against this old long washed-ashore beach stump. (The tiny lump on the beach in the middle of the shot is a much-hunched and fluffed Blue Heron.)

Many years ago, I sat on this beach, leaned against this enormous driftwood and wrote one of the first scenes for the book that would become SEEDS OF TIME.

This was Delaney's hiding place, his home on the beach, until he took Darrell under his paw and things changed for both of them, forever. When she crawled inside the hollow log and placed her ear against the sea-smoothed surface, the sense of beating drums, smoking fires and salt on her tongue ... all came from this place. I sat with my old Shadow dog on the beach at Ambleside and wrote the scene. Before Seamus and before Silas there was Shady-boy -- the anti-Delaney.

We all miss him, still.



Hélène Boudreau said...


That photo makes my heart ache for the sea.

Delaney looks like a lovely dog...

Trudy said...

*sniff* What a special dog.

I'm going to hug my barkiful Shnoodle now. He's noisy, but I have to remember he won't be mine for long.

kc dyer said...

Ah, will be near the sea soon, again. I still remember the wonderful pictures you posted last summer!


kc dyer said...


Yes -- they are with us for too short a time, always. (Sometimes hard to remember when they are tearing up your garden, but still...)