Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Creature from the Black Blog...

...or perhaps the Black Creature from the Blog?

Whatever his current alias, he is presently chewing cowhide on the floor beside me. He ate a bit of my best rug today, which upset me so much I couldn't even photograph it. He also broke a glass yesterday, so is holding the puppy behaviour up to his usual high standards.

I like this shot of him, mostly because he is standing still.

This is not the norm.

It's kinda like photographing a whirlwind, actually. Most of the shots I take are useless -- blurry and painfully out of focus.

It's so hard to know where the thing will land next.

Or what kind of damage it will do when it does finally come down.

Silas Ermineskin and his reluctant brother Seamus missed out on a walk today with their canine companion Molly (and her mother, Meg). We're hoping the rains pull back tomorrow, long enough to let us traverse the paths of our favourite woodland park. Molly is the only dog I've met who can give Silas a run for his money -- time with her is pure gold.


In other news...

Planning for the upcoming July Chocolate & Chat Tour is well underway. As soon as all the locations are set, I'll put the itinerary up here. We're crossing the Rockies, baby!



I've put up a new post on the subject of success stories on the SiWC blog, and a newsletter is going out this evening, too.

You know where to find 'em.


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