Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One of those days...

...where a big, sudden project leaps up and bites away the entire day from all the other things that were supposed to get done. But now, all the information is in place for the programming of the new SiWC registration system, so that is a good thing. And my girl has sorted through the morass of registration for university in the fall, and is ready to throw herself on the mercy of the on-line registration system in the morning. Also a good thing.

The writing, editing and promoting that was supposed to happen today, however -- well, they just didn't.

However, tomorrow is the first day that both my offspring are officially done school for the year. Here's hoping the sun shines and the writing (etc.) time stays open while the teenagers sleep in!

And in honour of the Trickster's 9 month birthday which occurs this week he is, in all his glory.

It amazes me how he can keep all four feet, tongue and ears in the air with so little apparant effort.

Silas has taken very fondly to his new jail cell, but still managed to get into the garbage twice this week, chew up his new ball AND Meaghan's just cracked HARDCOVER copy of Stephanie Meyer's new novel (the title of which escapes me at the moment, as it is 12:25 am and I have not yet kicked into my post-meridian second wind). Anyway, the book is beyond repair, and Silas is back in the hoosgow.

For those who might like to see what is new on the SiWC front, blog posts are here.

A demain...


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