Sunday, June 22, 2008

Slade and the Case of the Mysterious Floating Feet

My buddy Jay Clarke, who writes as Michael Slade, has been all over the news lately with his thoughts on the rash (if one can call it that...) of floating feet along the BC coast.

See... the interesting thing is that Michael Slade wrote a book with a very similar series of occurances just a few years ago. It's called DEATH'S DOOR and you can read all about it here.

A little tidbit from the Cemetery Dance website:

A mummy has been stolen in England. Authorities believe the motive is the treasure hidden in its fetid wrappings. THEY'RE WRONG.

Mutilated bodies of missing Hollywood stars are discovered washed ashore on West Coast beaches. Authorities think they're victims of a random serial killer. THEY'RE WRONG.

When Chief Superintendent Robert DeClercq and his team follow a clue to an underground snuff film operation, they believe they've encountered man's sickest desires. THEY'RE WRONG.

Something even more cunning, even more depraved is waiting for them. If they have the guts to follow the clues through Death's Door...

Here's the Vancouver Sun's take on it...

While some people have mooted a theory connecting the feet with a plane crash from a few years ago, but in spite of that line of investigation, the recovered DNA has not been matched.

Is life imitating Art?

What do you think?


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