Thursday, June 21, 2007

Apropos of not much...

This is Seamus, in a state of such total relaxation that he cannot close his lips over his teeth.

I envy this state.
I am not there.

In actual fact, I am currently a brain in search of a pensieve. Too many thoughts -- not enough cognative material left in which to make sense of any of 'em. If you don't get the allusion, you are definitely behind in your Potter reading. Better get on it -- July 21st is looming!

I may have expounded upon this subject in this space before (and if I have, see above mental state for explanation) but the reason that I love reading JK Rowling is her express adoration of language. Dumbledore's pensieve is a case in point. The word evokes the state of mind one requires for deep thought, the vessel in which to do it AND the emotion one might experience whilst in such a state. Pure genius. And as a liguist, she also creates brilliant voices for her characters.

I am lucky enough to be reading another story by my friend Michael Hiebert, who in this case is giving the most human voice to his main character, who happens to be Jesus. Michael is brilliant at voice -- the most important weapon in a writer's arsenal (other than a stellar ability with a decent military metaphor, of course...). If you want a taste of his efforts, check out My New Cardboard Box, his blog. (The link is over to the side -- just on the left over there somewhere. No...further down. You've got it.) The Jesus Book Tour is amazing, funny and poignant and wicked. I can't wait to see how it ends.

The amazing women of Pandora's Collective have also picked July 21 as the date of their Summer Dream event, this year to be held in Stanley Park. My buddy James McCann and I will be a part of it, representing CWILL BC. I am pretty sure I'll also be doing a reading for the North Shore Writers' Association and possibly even the CAA. James and I are also working on the details of a book co-launch -- perhaps to be held that day in defiance of the Rowling juggernaut. More to come as things coalesce.


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Anonymous said...

Wait, the whole point of you reading these first two acts is to tell me how it ends :)

And thank you for the nice things you say about my writing. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you. The most important tool in a writer's arsenal is a freaking publisher.