Monday, June 04, 2007

Ms. Zephyr is a Book!

Got an email from my editor, Barry Jowett, today.

He was holding my new book in his hands. He likes it. I hope I like it!

I can't wait to see it, I know that much.

Soon -- in time for this Saturday's Spring Book Hatching, I hope.

So, I don't have new book euphoria just yet, but I _almost_ have completed book euphoria. DEADLINE is now 100,000 words when I thought it was going to be 85, but it is a mere couple of pages from being finished. Had a great writing day today and hoping tomorrow brings the euphoria. Hope with me. Chant with me -- Charlie's mantra: Stay Calm, Staying Calm.

Much happening this week:

  • MS. ZEPHYR becomes a book. (It was not supposed to happen until tomorrow, but it actually happened one day early!)
  • Spring Book Hatching on Saturday
  • Flying to Toronto Saturday night
  • Book Expo on Sunday and Monday, with CCBC launch of Ms. Z and signing at the Dundurn booth lined up, along with meetings of many friends from afar.
  • Somewhere in there I have to fit in DEADLINE becoming (if not a book) a completed ms.
  • Plus all the things I have to do before I leave for Toronto.
But... is this all fun?

Why yes -- it is.

I love my job.



Anita Daher said...

Yay--you GO, Girl! I almost have that new book completed euphoria as well. Good writing day yesterday, and should finish today or tomorrow. Looking forward to the rewrite stage.

Can't wait to read Ms. Z!

Hélène B said...


This is the old cover though, right?

I've got my drippy coffee cup ready. LOL

A Novel Woman said...

Where's the drippy coffee cup ring? Do I have to add my own? Way to go, baby. It's awesome!! Pamster

Anonymous said...


When on Saturday? VPL, right?

What time?

kc dyer said...

H & P -- You know, it was either the coffee cup ring or the grafitti -- and I really wanted to see Eric's words on the cover. The final cover is now up. Hope you like it!


kc dyer said...


I hope you come and bring your kids! The Book Hatching is between 1 and 3 on Saturday, downstairs in the Alice MacKay room. (Tell Sagan there will be Timbits!)


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