Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still Awaiting Final Confirmation...

...but I think my buddy James McCann's new book PYRE has finally made it's much-delayed (and much-anticipated) appearance. Watch this space for further details, or better still, cruise on over to James' blog for the latest. He's at

In other news, I just found out yesterday that Quill & Quire, Canada's publishing industry stalwart, has also got a blog. The mysterious Quillblogger even mentioned my so-brief-you'd-better-not blink appearance at the CCBC event at Book Expo. We'll forgive the minor misquote in favour of cheering their acknowledgement of the existence of an author hailing from west of the Rockies. (West of the Coast range, too, if you want to get technical about it...). Go Q&Q!

Lots more going on, but tonight my head is full of the boy's penultimate lacrosse game of the season, the first in which he was actually knocked off his feet, and the second in which he scored a goal. His team won a resounding victory tonight, hot on the heels of a win in Abbotsford last night, so he's a pretty happy guy these days. Go Northshore!

And to close, perhaps a fitting shot of the goalie he built to stand in when he doesn't have a human around to take shots at -- looks a bit familiar, somehow...


Hélène B said...

Love the goalie! DH is a huge lacrosse fan. Definitely not a game for the faint of heart. Those guys have to be IN SHAPE!

Yay, on the mention on Quillblog and yay, on the goal. :-)

kc dyer said...

Thanks, Helene! I actually ran the 'face' of the goalie off as a means to humanize Peter's punching bag (his choice!), but somehow the inimitable Stephen H. also made it onto the goalie.

Peter is currently in mourning as there is only one game left in the box lacrosse season, so I think the goalie will have a few shots to stop this summer, still.


Anonymous said...

Yay Peter!! And that goalie is high-larious. Pam