Sunday, June 03, 2007

DEADLINE Approaches

Worked all day today (with the exception of a couple of hours spent viewing a boy's lacrosse game from atop an eliptical trainer, thereby killing two birds with one treadmill) on meeting the DEADLINE deadline, which is, in fact, tomorrow.

I am touching wood as I type this (which makes typing darned difficult, I have to say) but I think I may finish this thing tomorrow. Not finish--finish, but finish. (I could articulate this more succinctly, but the writers among you know what I mean, and the non-writers must know by now that the writers are nuts anyway, so there we are.)

Got the absolutely marvellous news yesterday that MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK will be delivered on Tuesday to Dundurn. Much planning of launches and readying for this week's Spring Book Hatching, trip to Toronto, CCBC event at Book Expo Canada, Dundurn signing at same and meeting of many friends and compatriots throughout next weekend. (The image of the book tower, left, is courtesy of the Book Expo Canada website...)

All of this predicated on achieving above DEADLINE deadline -- so in order to facilitate same, this is it for now. (Forgot to mention that whilst watching the lacrosse match and pedalling rapidly nowhere, I also read the latest David Sedaris story in the New Yorker. The undisputed highlight of the day.)



Gerb said...

Go, Karen, go!!!! (I have no idea what time it is in your part of the world - though I suppose I could look it up but in all honestly am supposed to be working toward my own deadline so won't...) Here's to making the deadline! (Raises glass of Diet Coke in a cyber toast.) AND congrats on the definitive word re: Mrs. Zephyr. When is your launch date, then?
Now back to work!

kc dyer said...

Hey Linda!

Almost there...thanks for the cyber- Diet Coke! (Today I changed out of my pj's to go replenish my supply from the store. However, I did not brush my hair. The writer vibe must be maintained!)

And my launch date is officially -- today!