Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ms. Z and MS

Spent most of today working on the SiWC brochure -- a hard-copy summary of the program for this year. Some astounding writers will be in attendance -- check out to see a listing of presenters. Names, pix, bios and workshops are slowing going up -- our webmaster Dale McGladdery is doing a bang-up job.

Still haven't held Ms. Zed in my hands -- hoping a copy arrives by Friday...

Hey -- a shout-out to Kirsti Wakelin, CWILL BC member, blogger and arteest extraordinaire, who will be missing our Spring Book Hatching this weekend to do a Very Big Bike Ride in support of research for MS. If you'd care to find out more, or pledge to help her meet her goal, here's the link:



Beth said...

Karen, I've been so out of touch with everyone that I didn't even realize your book was out! Congratulations, and I love the cover design.

I was checking out Surrey's Master Class offerings for this year--will there be more, or is that the complete list?

Can't wait to see you and everyone in October.

kc dyer said...

Hey Beth! Nice to see your pixels. Glad you like the cover.

More Master Classes are on offer -- the website is not yet updated. Should happen soon -- Jack Whyte is teaching one and so is Don Maass. Both promise to be excellent!


Kirsti said...

Hey kc, thanks for the link and the support!

And congratulations on the new book!