Thursday, September 06, 2007

Long Day

I've spent the day at top speed -- meetings, events and much driving, driving. Let's see...I think I covered 6 municipalities today. Lions Bay (of course), Surrey and Vancouver, and drove through Burnaby, New Westminster and North Vancouver, as well.

Luckily, my yoga class started up again, so I had a chance at a little serenity before the madness took over.

Okay -- time for a little writer tid-bit or two. How 'bout something mysterious and romantic? Let's start with the mysterious side of the equation....

Phillip Margolin is one interesting guy. For a long time, he was a defense lawyer, trying cases before both the U. S. and State of Oregon Supreme Courts. He's defended many an individual charged with murder, and even a few who have faced the death penalty. In his spare time, Phillip Margolin started writing thrillers. He got so good, with a chain of best sellers behind him, that he turned to writing full time, and that's what he does now.

Close to his heart is 'Chess for Success', an organization that helps kids learn life and school strategies using chess as a guide.

When he comes to SiWC this year, he'll be talking about writing legal thrillers and sit on a mystery panel. And he's also going to give a killer keynote speech ... I can't wait. You can read more about this remarkable writer at his website --

And now for that romance I promised you... Vancouver author Nancy Warren has written more than 30 novels for Harlequin and Kensington, including a racy novel or two about NASCAR. When she speaks at the SiW Conference this year, she'll let you in on the art of the love scene and also talk about building memorable female characters.
You can learn all about Nancy and her interest in fast cars and cool shoes from her website:

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