Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New and Cool in the City...

A huge supporter of the writing-for-kids community in Vancouver is embarking on a new venture. Dr. Christianne Hayward, who has worked for Vancouver Kidsbooks for years, has also headed their Book Club programs since way back in 1996. She has a dream coming true these days in the form of her new Lyceum of Literature and Art -- a new site for Book Clubs and more literary events than you can shake a stick at. She's having an open house tomorrow at the new location: 3696 West 8th Ave., Vancouver.
I'll be there.

And now -- the feature SiWC presenters of the day...

This shadowy figure belongs to the nefarious writer Michael Slade, a crafter of strange fiction and amazing tales. This man can tell a story like no other, and his voice is a welcome one in the halls of the SiWC. This year, attendees will get a special treat, for not only will Slade be pairing with Diana Gabaldon to do a workshop, but he will also make a special appearance with the even shadowier Pink Slade -- his collaborator in all things fiction.
All things Slade can be discovered at
New to the conference this year is Kelley Armstrong. This amazing author is a wunderkind in the genre of paranormal suspense, and will be a natural when she pairs in a panel with the shadowy Slade to talk about putting the Fear into contemporary Fantasy. Kelley's first book BITTEN appeared in 2001, and she has produced seven more books since then -- an astounding output from a talented new voice. Check out her website at
More on other SiWC 2007 authors and presenters coming soon to a blogspot near you.

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