Wednesday, September 12, 2007


...with a massive allergy attack over the past couple of days. It seems to be subsiding now -- but it slowed me down for a couple of days. It's remarkably difficult to think when the interior of one's head dissolves and tries to run out one's nose.

Was interviewed for Co-op Radio (102.7 FM) today by a friendly and fiesty group of seniors for the Senior's 411 Radio Show. We talked about books and about the conference and it was great fun. It will air Thursday at 2 pm, I think.

Okay -- a quick look at a couple more authors coming to Surrey. Two of my favourite Canadian writers for kids are on the agenda, so let's take a closer look...

Eric Walters is one of the most prolific writers of books for kids and teens that I know. He started off as a teacher, began writing books in his spare time, and his career as a writer took off. At last count he'd written 38 books for kids and teens, but there's probably been a couple more out since I last checked. In the interests of full disclosure, I have to add that no -- he did not write Ms. Zephyr's Notebook -- even though his name is on the cover. He did, however, scribble on the cover in a grafitti-style blurb that made me very happy.
Eric has a lot of passions in his life -- literacy for boys, literacy in Africa -- and is a mesmerizing speaker. His books reflect his passions and those of his subjects, from Canadian heroes like Terry Fox and William Stevenson, to historical adventures like The Bully Boys, to contemporary teen angst. An incredible writer, he'll be sharing his insights in his workshops at SiWC, and giving a keynote speech as well. You can read more about his life and work at

Lee Edward Fodi is an illustrator and a writer and a guy who is not afraid to walk around in a wizard's hat. I've worked a lot with Lee in CWILL this year, and taught with him at the CWC summer camp. Lee's Kendra Kandlestar books are beautifully illustrated, wonderful stories, and this past year he collaborated with Victoria Miles to produce 'The Chocolatier's Apprentice', a run-away best-seller to celebrate Purdy's Chocolate 100 year anniversary.
Lee just came back from a stint in Seoul, teaching writing to kids at the Korean version of CWC, and he's got a bunch of other projects on the go. He'll be talking about writing books for kids and using illustrations to inspire your work as a children's writer when he comes to SiWC this fall. You can see some amazing examples of Lee's beautiful work at



max said...

It's true, I grew up hating to read. Now I write action-adventures & mysteries especially for boys 8 - 13, who also may not like to read.

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My blog, Books for Boys, ranks in the top 5 on Yahoo and the top 20 on Google and you can find it at There you will also find links to my author's web site and anther blog with 50 pages of reviews. Distributed by Baker & Taylor.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Max Elliot Anderson
Now, from an author who hated to read...comes books kids hate to put down.

Anita Daher said...

Say hi to Eric for me! (and let me know if he remembers me :-)

kc dyer said... that sounds interesting, Anita! What detail can I tell Eric to remind him of you...?


Anita Daher said...

I have the same name as his wife...we meet every year, but he never remembers me :-)

I'm just kidding around--you can say hi, but don't say he never remembers me. It's true, and he's said more than once that he SHOULD remember me, as I have the same name as his wife, but I don't want to embarrass him. I think it's funny, and don't take offense. He meets so many people every year.

This Surrey fest sounds like so much fun! Perhaps one year I will make it down :-)