Friday, September 14, 2007

Things are Changing... the minute, it seems, with regard to the upcoming Surrey conference. I'll be sending out a new email note to the mailing list in the next day or two, detailing all the exciting new developments for the conference. We are anticipating selling out again this year -- if you're still on the fence, better make the leap soon. I'm just saying...

Interested in great crime fiction? Author Patricia Smiley will be one of our guests this year at the conference. The latest book in her Tucker Sinclair series (the third, as a matter of fact) was just released in July. Patty loves a good ride-along with the LAPD -- in fact, she is a special reserve officer with the police force in Los Angeles. That's taking your research seriously!

When Patty is not working on her latest Sinclair novel, you can find her participating in the crime writing blog:

For a crime tale of a different sort, have a peek at local writer Wendy Roberts's mysteries. Wendy is an SiWC poster child, who started attending the conference before she'd published a word. Her second 'Ghost Dusters' novel is due out this year.
When she's not busy writing or blogging, this mother of four specializes in driving her kids around. You can read all about what Wendy is up to these days on her blog at or on her website (with a very cool new trailer for her upcoming book) at
And once again -- I've missed the midnight deadline for my blog. Suddenly it's tomorrow, again. I seem to have this problem a lot lately...

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Wendy Roberts said...

Ooooh, I LOVE being called a SiWC poster child! Thanks for the great post. I can't wait for the Surrey conference. It's always a highlight for me.

By the way, my December release, The Remains of the Dead, is the first book in the Ghost Dusters series but I am working very hard on book two. Actually, I should be doing that now so ... see you at the conference!!